Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost Done?

This is the question I hear daily from my kids, "Are you almost done with the school room Mommy?"
They are so excited.
I have been trying to save as much money as possible in the redo of this school room(part of the reason why it's taking so long). I have used quite a few old pieces that now have a new job. On behalf of The Shabby Nest here is a look at my Frugal Friday Chalkboard.

What do you think? I know the picture is...not so great. I don't have one of those fancy shmancy cameras like some of you....sigh. Although, if I did have one I couldn't guarentee that my pictures would be any better than they are now. Photography is not a gifting of mine. Anyhow, so my chalkboard turned out awesome. It was actually an old table that we had. I unscrewed the top, taped it off and went to town with my chalkboard paint. Buying a new one was not in the budget and I didn't like the ones I found on the internet. This one is just reminds me of a really old one that would be hanging in a Sunday school room.

This too is a pretty bad shot...bare with me. I haven't gotten to the details in the room, but I have managed to find cute little containers for pencils as well as bubble gum for my little students. Have I ever mentioned that I have a small obession for containers( mostly jars)? I will post about that later.
This room doesn't have any windows so I wanted to add as much light as I could by using white furniture pieces. At the same time I didn't want it to look I added teal as an accent color. My Mom and my sister have had a lot of fun with tea; lately....wish they blogged about it. They both have beautiful homes and creative ideas.
Can't wait to show you the rest!!! I'm almost done:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was busy but we managed to fit in a little relaxing with the kiddies..... Smores, a great book (A True Priness by lamp lighter press...great great books) and a warm fire in the back yard.

This is our school room before the maddness began. I am not ready to reveal the after but I will give you a few hints of the goings ons. I have repurposed a lot of old things. A table into a chalk board...what? You will have to wait and see. Old shelves, frames and cabinets repurposed and brought back to life and of course Ikea played a roll as well. Oh, and lots and lots of spray paint.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Have I told you lately?

How much I love this little man.

Graham is a Ham. I can always count on him to make me laugh.

He loves to wear big brothers clothes and shoes and play with his super cool toys.

Bubbles make him smile.

His first bike ride on a big boy bike.

He was a bit nervous.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cliff Bars

These cliff bars are a family favorite. My sister-in-law gave me my first recipe for cliff bars a while back and since then we have been hooked. I tweek the recipe each time we make it. Sometimes I add mini chocolate chips or dried fruit but my kiddos prefer peanut butter with nuts.
First combine oatmeal, nuts, and ground flaxseed.

In a saucepan on medium high heat add brown sugar and honey.

When your sugar and honey mixture begins to boil remove from heat and add peanut butter and vanilla.

Next, combine your peanut butter and honey mixture to your oatmeal mixture.

Use parchment paper to press your cliff bar mixture into a greased 9x13 pan.

Let your bars cool. Cut into individual servings and store in an air tight container. You can store them in the frig but we prefer them soft and store them in the pantry.

Oh, and don't forget to let your kiddies lick the spoon.

Flaxseed Cliff Bars
3 cups quick cooking oats
9 T ground flaxseed (flaxseed meal)
1 cup chopped nuts ( I use raw pecans, almonds, and cashews)
3/4 cup honey
6 T dark brown sugar
1 cup natural peanut butter (you could also use almond or cashew butter)
3 t vanilla extract
Optional: 1 1/2 t cinnamon

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tears....hers and mine

I went to Eden's room to get her up from nap the other day and found her on her knees. She has never done this before. In fact, I still had her crib gate lowered. I have been in denial when it comes to my baby girl growing up, but there is no stopping it. Anyhow, when I saw her on her knees I ran to get my camera and when I returned I found her standing.....and crying. Time is moving to fast.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Giveaway!!!

Layla over at the letter cottage is giving away one of these beautiful burlap table runners from Grace's Esty shop.

Head on over and check out Layla if you haven't already.
I love those cactus (I guess it is cacti) in the milk glasses (right? is that what those cute little white glasses are called?). Ikea has lots of succulents right now for only $2.99. I just got a cute little tree for my kitchen that I hope to be able to show a picture of soon.

Oh, and if Layla is reading this post for the giveaway, please pay no attention to the picture of the woman up there on the left whose hair is in desparate need of a highlight job....he he.