Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cara's House: Kitchen, Entry, and family

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Hi Cara, it's me......your obsessed friend who can't stop giving you decorating ideas for your new home. Can't wait to see all the new finds you looked at today.
Anyhow, I messed around with some things in your kitchen. Now, I have no idea what color you want to do in there but I thought the green would compliment the blue idea from the family room.
I know you said you wanted to replace the hardware on the cabinets with new knobs and drawer pulls. I like these two options in either the brushed nickle or the rubbed bronze. The rubbed bronze would flow well with your appliances and black accents and would have the look of being a part of the cabinets rather than something that was added.

I love the walnut color of your cabinets and your floors. Pairing white with them would add softness, light and blend well with your white moldings and trim throughout the rest of the house.
I know this isn't your kitchen island but I thought it would look nice to paint your current island a color. White, or even sage green(like the bucket in the picture above) would work nicely.
A white table(similar to this $3200 one but much less expensive) and chairs will add light to room as well as tie in the color of the island. I like the size and lines of these bar stools. They would look nice in sage green or a shade of white.
I thought roman shades would work well on the wall of windows in your eating area. There is not enough room to do curtains and with the door to the patio being there drapes would get in the way. I like these roman shades from smith and noble. The darker ones are not the exact ones I was looking for but they are similar. They make a shade that is made of jute and has a black border like the one shown above. These would add nice texture and compliment the walnut wood. The other option is the sage stripe roman shade. This would be a great way to tie in the sage color (or what ever color you chose for the room) and let more light through.
You had mentioned replacing the counter tops. I thought this color of granite would look great with your wood tones, white moldings, and back splash. The big frame would be made into a chalkboard for the wall in your eating area. I love this rug for the eating area...texture and color:)
OK, so......that's all I got.

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