Monday, January 4, 2010

New Craft room in the works

I am not posting about Christmas this year......I know I'm awful....but there are just too many pictures to sort through and....well.....I get overwhelmed easily. So I thought I would share a decorating project that I am just a bit excited about at the moment.
My daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas and we have been sewing up a storm. With lots of fun comes lots of mess. We have been sewing in our school room which means not much "school" has been getting done. With all of this being said....we need a craft room.
This is my inspiration:

photo by Heather Bailey

Isn't it pretty. I just like to stare at it!
I want our room to be inspiring, cozy, and pink for my little girl. The room above has it all. I love the pink, the teal, the ribbon storage, the jars, the red it!! I love that she used a hutch to store fabric too!!

I scored a dresser for 30 bucks this weekend to hopefully store our supplies in. What color should I paint it.....?

Now I just need to find another hutch. Oh, and hang dry wall, install flooring, bead board wall paper with great chunky trim and a place to display my collection of will be a while.....but the end result will be so worth the wait.

Can you see all our stuff in the garage hung on the wall all nice and neat? That has been a never ending project for my man. I will have to show before and after shots of it all soon. I am so glad that it is he can start spraying furniture again....he he!!

By the way. Does anyone know how I can print really small under a picture to share who the picture is from? How do I change font size and write in italics? I hate computers....I can never figure them out. HELP!!


  1. That craft room is gorgeous! Good luck getting yours put together!

  2. Sounds like a super fun project to me! How exciting! Wish we had space for a craft room. That would be amazing! Have so much fun in the process you lucky mama! So fun that Ella wants to sew! Love it.

  3. First, I love the craft room. I love the turquoise/green and I love the whole idea of a room TO MYSELF!

    2nd thing- this will make your life so easy. Download Windows live writer. It's made my blogging so much easier. you can put a watermark on the picture to give credit. it is so easy. So worth it. It's free too. Can't get better than that!

  4. I would give my "I" teeth to have a craft room to sew in...ooh... And your inspiration photo and the dresser are great!

  5. good job on the dresser! what a find. can't wait to see what color you choose.

  6. You've inspired me to get my "office" cleaned out and made into a cute craft room! Thanks! :) it might have to wait until I am feeling a bit better, though. I'd love to come over and see what you have been doing in person! :)