Thursday, March 11, 2010

Studio 31 update

The walls are painted and the faux wood floors are installed. Woohoo!! We still need to paint and install trim and paint lots and lots of furniture pieces that will enter the room in the next few weeks.

Like this guy......remember him. My $30 find! I can't wait to paint and distress.

He has a $60 friend who wants to come home with me to live as a buffet but he refuses to drop his price. He'll come around.....I'm sure of it:)

This little lady was going to be pink but I am trying to talk my little girl into painting her white.

This is or new manikin (or is it mannequin? I have always been a bad speller) for the sewing room. She is going to help us out by modeling projects we are working on or have finished. Isn't she cute! My Momma got her for us:) Thanks Mom. Now she just needs a name......

I really like the floors. They are a discontinued brand from Lowes so we got a super good deal. They look and feel like real hand scraped hickory.

Still lots to do.....paint and install trim, install ceiling, paint lots and lots of furniture, make fabric covered cork boards.....lots to do....lots....

And if that's not enough for me to do I decided to make the kids Easter outfits this year. Which means we might be celebrating Easter a month late...he he! I am making the dresses and shirts similar to these.

Although, I may make long skirts instead using this fabric:

Or these.....

The boys will have matching bow tie shirts or regular tie shirts.....they will be so cute. Oh, and I found an awesome little clutch purse to make for the girls to go with their dresses. Can't wait to share with you!!


  1. your kids are going to be cute stuff for easter! can't wait to see what the outfits look like! i love the manikin... every sewing room should have one! i love finding deal, or shall i say steals, on furniture! i bought a changing table yesterday for $20. woo hoo!

  2. Can't wait to see Easter pictures! I sure wish I knew how to sew. Your craft room is coming along nicely. Those floors are beautiful.

  3. Oh, love the fabric choices for the easter outfits! So awesome. My Mom is working on Avery's and bought one for Tyson. Isn't dressing up for easter so much fun? Someday, I hope to make Avery a dress myself! : ) I can't wait too see pictures of your little sweeties!

    I can't wait to see your transformation and painting of furniture. Love the new mannequin! Too cute. I know that craft room is going to be fabulous!

  4. Your enthusiasm is infectious. What great pieces of furniture, can't wait to see how they look after you've painted them.

  5. My mannequin/dress form is named Millicent. She used to be my mom's. My child dress form (for display at craft shows, etc) is named Jenny, because that's the name of Kate's imaginary friend. Hope you find a fitting name for yours! I also love the fabrics in the last photo - any of them would be perfect for Easter!

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  7. your blog sucked me in right wawy! a fellow furiture lover!!! sweet! and i have the exact same dresser (first pic!) in my son's room! but i havent painted it because it was given to us by my in-laws...hmmm, i think there are secret rules about that...??

    i'm a new follower! love your blog!


  8. Oh my gosh! I found your blog from The Inspired Room comments...I LOVE it!!!! I have the same passion about making old things new!! It is so much fun isn't it? I will be back to visit again very soon!