Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where I've Been and A Little Bit of Pretty

It has been an interesting few months for our family.  We are going through quite a few changes that have been challenging and humbling to say the least.  We found out on a Thursday in August that we are expecting our 5th child and the next day (Friday) my husband lost his job.

Our family is in the midst of a huge transition.  Switching gears from having 4 children to 4 and counting is huge in itself.  But now we are also transitioning to having a well paying job (which my hubby did not enjoy), to no job, to no income, and now in the beginning stages of starting a new business.  That's a lot to throw on an emotionally unstable pregnant woman!!!!

I will right about the interesting chapter to the story that The Lord has been writing for us soon.

Until then, I have a few pretty pictures to share.  Decorating and being creative is an outlet for me.  We changed things up a bit in our house in the early summer(when we had income).  Painted some furniture, moved a few others, and bought a few new pieces.

I wanted a change in my eat in kitchen area.  I had a beautiful painting on the wall but I was needing a change as well as a place to house some of my pretty things.
 Here's the before:

 My hubby went to work building a couple shelves to take the place of the painting.  I gave them a coat of paint, pretty brackets, and went to town piling all my collectibles on top.

 We wanted a new sofa to replace our tired out old one and I wanted to do away with all the green in the house.  Before:

We purchased the chaise sofa from Ikea back in the early summer:  After

A few other shots of the room:

If you are wondering what the chalkboard says above the sofa:
"Joined in Love Kept by God
 Forever Together"
Our hutch used to be green.  You can see it in the previous before picture above.  I was trying to get rid of the bright colors and go more neutral throughout our house.  I left the inside of the doors green which looks great when the doors are opened (above).

We also purchased a new chair from Ikea to put in place of the old black dresser.  Before:


Hopefully I will have enough energy to share some of the  free decorating I have done around the house now that our income has stopped.  It is amazing what you can do with nothing!

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  1. oh yay, you got your normal background back! LOVE your house and your style, friend! You have the gift of making things beautiful :)