Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Inspiration

I am writing this post with fresh baby vomit covering my PJ's and a croupy coughing 2 year old on my lap. Man it has been a tough week, and by the looks of it, it is going to be another tough week. But do you know what? I am thankful that I have another week with my family and loved ones to post about. Tough or easy I praise the Lord for giving me another day. Our tomorrow is not guaranteed. God never told us that following Him would be easy. It has been amazing so far, and I am thankful that I have had the Lord to follow this entire time. Following has always been easier for me than leading. Thankfully, I have found The One to follow. May your week be filled with lots of God moments. Don't forget to take time to breath in the midst of your chaos and listen carefully for God's whisper. He is there....listen carefully...and follow Him, He will make your path straight.

If you need a bit of home making inspiration for this week, check out Jeanne Winters. She is someone new I found in blogland. She has great inspiring ideas when it comes to making your house a home. Please check her out. She is having a great give away for celebrating her one year blogaversary!!!


  1. Here's what you do to link:

    Highlight what you want linked.

    Click on the chain looking thing above your post (where all your "tools" are) and the box will come up where you insert the web address. Put it in and click okay. That's it - should work!

    Thanks for the homemaking inspiration tip! By the way, it is so funny you mentioned the dentist thing because that's exactly what I have to do when I have the baby! Haha!

  2. Your post was just the reminder I needed this morning. It IS a blessing to have one more day with those we love. An especially timely reminder for this Mama who has been frustrated with her chickies as of late! Hope your little ones feel better!

  3. (visiting through MMM)
    oh boy, i was up with a vomitting little one as well... and if i were better at math i'd be sure, but it looks like your wedding anniversary and ours are VERY close. can't wait to read more of your blog! :)

  4. oh isn't the right start math great! i just ordered the next level for my son and can't wait to get it!
    for now we use The Writing Road to Reading. i have a couple good friends who teach using that method and i reeeeaaaaly like it. it's very detailed and particular, it's a love or hate kind of thing. most moms i know use the 100 easy lesson but i just couldn't make sense of that, my brain just didn't get it :)
    for music i don't have a set curriculum, i'm actually looking into finishing my degree (finally) in music education, so for now i just teach what i know and what i find online.
    for now though, you could always check out amblesideonline. they have a composer study that can get you started one something.

  5. Read your comment on Sarah Mae's blog. Yes, every time I give birth I have to go to the dentist!

  6. very encouraging.... remembering that it is NOT suppose to be easy, following rather than leading can be so releasing, and listening for whispers in the chaos is something I need to do more of.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me! I love your blog, Melissa. You are just great. Why don't we ever hang out??? : )

  8. My mom's favorite "irritate my daughters" phrase was, "Tomorrow Never Comes." She used it in response to comments like, "I'll clean my room tomorrow." However, it now has a whole new meaning to me. Our tomorrows are not promised.

    I can feel your mama pain. I posted my MMM on Tuesday because I was covered in red jell-o vomit yesterday!