Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reaching New Heights

The routine and schedule of our day has been a bit off lately. A 14 month old can do that to your day.

If my 6 year old has difficulties reading and spelling when she is an adult it is because our home school day during first grade was a bit interrupted by this adorable curious, fearless, climbing baby.


  1. Love this post! She is adorable. It looks like her and Tyson would get along really well and probably get into A LOT of trouble together! : ) Love this age. So much fun!

    Love that picture of the swim diaper bottoms! Too cute.

  2. How cute! I see you have a climber on your hands for sure! :)

  3. Melissa, she is so adorable!! I sure miss seeing you so much. :( Glad to catch up with you on your blog!