Thursday, February 25, 2010

New recipe, new sewing table, new dry wall....

I made lentle soup the other night for the first time. It turned out really well so I thought I would share it with you.

First, heat 2T olive oil in pot or dutch oven until hot but not smoking. Coarsly chop a cup of carrots, celery, and onion and add to pot. Don't forget to add lots and lots of freshly chopped garlic, 1lb. spicy organic kosher sausage chopped in small pieces, and 1lb. of dry lentles rinsed and dried.

Add a can of rotel and 2qts homemade chicken stock.

Cook for 45 minutes until lentels are tender. You can also purree a cup of the soup for a smoother consistency. I served my soup in my favorite Longaberger bowls/mugs my Mom gave to me. Top your soup with fresh chopped cilantro and sour cream. We dipped homemade crusty bread and flaxseed tortilla chips in our soup....YUM. It was good.

I found this adorable antique dressing table for my little girl. We are going to paint it a very light pink.

She is going to use it as a sewing table in our new sewing room, Studio 31. The sides open up which is where she is planning on storing her fabric stash. The middle opens as well which is where she is going to store her little sewing machine. We are planning on making a fabric covered cork board for the back side of the middle piece for pins and her inspiration pictures. Such Fun....I can't wait for the room to be finished.

The drywall is up and is getting its second sanding. We are hoping to paint this weekend and soon after lay the new faux wood laminate flooring!!!! Can't wait!!

This room is super small. Sorry for the horrible picture. Hopefully I can get better shots once the room is finished.

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  1. Hey Melissa - I don't know if you've bought your laminate flooring yet or not, but we just bought some for our kitchen. It was only $1.29 a square foot at Costco. It might be a bit more now, as there was an instant rebate of $8 a box that ended today, I think, but the regular price was only around $1.60 a square foot. You can check out a picture of it on my facebook profile. Just thought I'd mention it. It's the click-together laminate and has attached padding.