Tuesday, October 9, 2012

amy's half bath

amy's half bath

1. The vanity  painted Castle by Rustoleum.
Add a Dash and Albert rug in a 3x5 in front of the vanity.
Gray blue towels with wall hook hung on the wall to the right of the sink.   
A basket or wire bin for the top of the sink would look cute and tidy housing
soap, lotion, and extra hand towels.

2. Above the towel hook hang a letter K that is decoupaged with a map of where you and your spouse met.

3.  Target basket used as a trash can

4. Mirror hung above the sink that is framed in barn wood.  

5.  Hang a scripture sign on the wall left of the sink (the wall to right while sitting on the toilet)
Below the sign hang a couple wire bins that hold toilet paper.

6.  For the wall in front of the toilet hang matching white ikea frames with
pictures of the kids.  Under the frames hang a towel rack for extra towels.

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