Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rachel's Dining/school Room

Rachel's Dining/school Room

1.  Ikea Vika Amon/Vika Annefors to replace your current desk next to the window.  This 
system is meant to span the entire back wall under your window and will house Kinipsa baskets.  
The expedit 4 cube shelves
will be attached to the wall and frame out the window housing Kinipsa baskets for hidden storage.  Placing a bamboo roman
blind at the top of the expedit shelves will give the look that the window is much taller than it
actually is and will bring a nice wood tone to the room.

2. Paint your back door with black chalkboard paint.  The black will ground your room
and it will add an extra writing space to your school room.  Paint color for the walls, Benjamin Moore Alsakan Husky.

3.  Cover a huge cork board with a drop cloth and trim out the edges with dark 
upholstery tacks.  The dark tacks will bring out the black in the door and gray in the floor.  
The fabric will add warmth to the room and add nice clean lines 
to a display place that can other wise look cluttered. 

4.  Your current table is perfect.  However, I would try turning it so that the length runs with the back wall, matching the Vika Amon desk.  Place your long bench
on the side of the table when you first walk into the room from the kitchen.  Your chairs
can be on the opposite side of the table and can be moved to the Vika desk when needed.  
Cover your floor in large dark gray vinyl.

5. Billy bookcases with wallpapered backs can go along the wall on either side of the entrance to your girls room.   Adding one above the doorway horizontally can combine the two units.   Adding doors to the bottom 
add hidden storage and the open above can house your collection of books.  Add basket to the open shelves to hide the 
art supplies and other items you would rather not look at on a daily basis. 

6.  Add chevron gray and white fabric with a coral band at the bottom as a curtain to your girls room.
This could be hung under the horizontal billy bookcase or if you decide to not add the shelf, hang the curtain at the top of each of the bookcases on either side of the doorway.  This will join the two units together nicely.

7.  These are your trofast work boxes.

8.  I would hang similar cork boards as the large one mentioned in #3 above.   Hanging three smaller ones above the trofast will add space for items you want to display.   Use more Kinipsa baskets on top of the trofast system for added storage that is nicely hidden.

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