Monday, March 9, 2009

The Laundry Room is Finished

Remember this small and narrow laundry room? Well we moved the washer and dryer to the far wall so that I did not have to walk sideways into the room. Now I have much more room.

I bought these cute baskets at Michaels half off. I made the little chalk boards from a few pieces of wood and some chalk board paint.

What do you think of my little fabric drape? All of my ugly soaps and detergents are hidden behind that pretty thing. I love this fabric. I can't remember the name of the fabrics but they are by Amy Butler. I recently visited Granville, the town where her studio is located. There was a cute little shop that carried a bit of her fabric but the owner would not allow me to take pictures. I took this one before I asked.


  1. I absolutely remember you! Just waved to your sister and family today in their driveway as we were coming home. Can't wait to see your post! Your blog is beautiful and inspirational. Thanks.

  2. The fabric is beautiful! I love looking at fabric folded neatly on shelves. I just stumbled onto your blog. It is super cute!

  3. The laundry room looks awesome! Love the little chalkboard labels...too cute! The fabric drape is the fabric! Nice makeover! Oh, how I would love a laundry room instead of a yucky basement! : )

  4. Beautiful laundry room- might actually make me want to do laundry :) And the fabric, beautifully folded. I'm inspired to do something about this area in my house now. Thank you!