Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hooked on Urban Farmhouse

This is my new favorite place, Urban Farmhouse
If you like vintage things or new things that look old, this is the place for you. Her store is beautifully decorated. I could have spent hours just looking when I visited her store. My pictures do not do justice to how fabulous the store actually is. Here are a few of my finds.

Little canvas green pears. They have great texture and the feel of old denim.

These little artichoke candles are my new favorite candles. They burn beautifully and they are green, my favorite.

Don't you just love these soap holders? I love the finish on them and the fact that they can be attached right to the wall. I also bought a bar of natural soap to sit in this little holder. The soaps in this store are better than the $7 ones at Anthropology.

I got this cute little "Be Kind" sign for above my couch.

I wish I could show you more. I hope to visit this sweet little store again soon!! Don't forget to head over and get a peek inside.


  1. That looks fun! I have a sign in my living room that says "be nice." I paid way too much for it, but that's an important thing to remember, no? :)

  2. thanks for popping over to my blog.
    I love lisa and her shop!

  3. Hey...I have been dying to go to that store ever since I found that blog through your blog. It looks incredible and right up my alley. That is awesome that you got to go. I LOVE the sign you got...just perfect!