Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So.....? What do you all think of my new blog design? I am just tickled pink!!! Please ignore the picture of me over there on the left. I love the cute little frame that Fabulous K did for my picture, don't you? Again look at the frame not the picture. I am working on getting a new photo for Fab K to put in that darling little frame, but it is harder than I thought. Am I the only Mom who does not have one good picture of herself or even her husband? I have thousands of adorable pictures of my kids but not one of myself.
At least I have learned something from having an ugly picture of myself on the internet for everyone to laugh at, I mean see. I need to take more pictures of me and my husband!! If something were to happened to us I would want my children to have pictures to remember us by.
Have a great Day:)
Oh, and don't ya just love my sweet little signature? I told you I am just tickled:)


  1. This is such an awesome new format!! It is just so so cute and trendy! And your picture is adorable! You look beautiful in it! Actually, when I looked at your profile last night, before you wrote this post, that was one of the first things I thought, "Wow, Melissa is so cute!"

  2. Melissa, your blog looks beautiful! I love it! It seems so professional! : )
    Also, you look awesome in that picture, I don't know what you are complaining about, you're beautiful! Hope you have a great day!

  3. I love the new look! I'd love to give mine a makeover but haven't got around to figuring out how to do it.
    I don't have any good pictures of me either, most of the pictures of me are in a hospital gown right after delivering a baby, not the most flattering photos I assure you.
    Maybe it's something we both should work on because I too want my kids to have some good photos of me:)