Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was putting Eden to bed tonight and I can hear a conversation that Bubby is having with Darren. "Daddy? How many more days until Christmas? 11 Days? I can't wait! I am going to give Jesus a big hug for his birthday....pause....but he isn't going to be is He going to eat his cake?"
He is having a hard time thinking about celebrating Jesus' birthday without Jesus actually physically being at His own birthday party.
The other day he asked me when he was going to see Jesus. I explained to him that he will see Jesus when he goes to Heaven. He replied, "is that a long time away?"
Bubby really wants to see Jesus. He explains to us how much he loves Jesus and how he wants to see him. If you know Bubby you know how much he dislikes waiting.....waiting for anything. So, telling him he will see Jesus in Heaven is somewhat painful for the poor kid considering it will most likely be a while until he sees Jesus.

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  1. He's so cute! What a joy to hear your children grow to love Jesus!