Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Ellie

My sweet little girl is 6 years old! I can hardly believe it. She has grown up way too fast. Here are a few things about my now 6 year old baby girl:
She loves her bothers and really loves her new baby sister.
According to her (and her Daddy who really likes her long hair)her hair could be longer and trimmed less by her Mama. She can still wrestle with her brothers and Daddy as long as her underwear do not show. Headbands are cool. She is not convinced(by her Mama) that skinny jeans are cute, especially if she tucks them into her boots. Her Moms style advice is officially uncool even if it really Her room is her space now, which means that Mom cannot paint her walls a different color every month like she does the rest of the house. Oh yea, and brothers are only allowed in her room when invited. See likes to line up her dolls and stuffed animals up in her room and read stories to them. She still shares stories about Arna, who she now openly admits is her pretend friend. Her heart has been captured by the Lord and is growing closer to Him each day. She likes to put on shows about stories she has heard in the Bible. She is in her 2nd year of home schooling. She is learning to read and write her own stories. She likes Bob books but wishes they had more girly things in them like princesses. She is blessed with a servants heart and is always willing to help. She can pick her little sis up and carry her as well as change her, rock her, sing to her, and put her to sleep. She likes her nails painted and wants them to be long like Mama's. Practicing her hand writing is her least favorite thing to do. She still tells me lots of times during the day how much she loves me. She still enjoys dressing up. Her favorite things to eat are noodles.
I could go on and about my little Ella...I mean big Ella. What a blessing she is to me and to those who know her. She was created to do great things for the Lord and I am so blessed to be a part of what the Lord has planned for her. She is the light that brightens my day and she fills my world with a joy that only the Lord can create. She is my sweet girl!!

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  1. I love reading your words about your children..they often bring me to tears. Ella is such a sweet little girl, we are so blessed to know her (and your whole family). I still can't believe she's 6!
    Happy Birthday Ella!