Friday, December 12, 2008


It is almost Christmas and I am finally getting a few photos of Thanksgiving up on my blog. It has been a rough couple of weeks...well month. We have been fighting chest colds that do not want to go away. They started at Thanksgiving and are still hanging around.
We did however get to eat Thanksgiving at my sister's and brother-in-laws house this year. The food was great and their home was awesome! Kevin and my Dad did a great job building the house. I wish I would have gotten some good pics of the greatness however, we were only able to stay long enough to eat and infect everyone with our horrible cold. So, so, sorry Amie, Kevin, Mom, and Dad.
We also had Thanksgiving with the Baldwin's. Again we ate, infected everyone with our colds and oh yeah, did our annual scavenger hunt for treasure. The kids look forward to this every year and this year a stupid racoon ruined the fun. Here my kids are, excitedly hunting the treasure out while fighting colds, and not getting much sleep, only to find a dead racoon and a half eaten treasure!! It was sad but funny at the same time. We were confussed all day as to how the racoon stole the treasure. I keep telling the kids it was swiper, that sneaky fox is always trying to swipe our stuff.

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