Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday dinner

Thanks to all you who have wished me a happy birthday. It sure does mean a lot. No matter how old I get I still love it when someone wishes me a happy birthday!
Last night me and the family went out to dinner. I have the best husband and kids in the world. They are so much fun to hang out with. Never a dull moment and there is always a bunch of laughter. So, little Darren brought the laughs last night. He is such a funny kid. Finally we are out of that weird fit throwing lots of whining stage. I am so enjoying watching this little boy grow into a little man. He is just so cute. Well, last night we are sitting in the restaurant and of course we are the loudest table in the place. We get lots of stares and just about everyone comments on the fact that we have four kids. Anyhow, our food arrives. There is always that short silence when the food comes. Everyone is hungry and you can't help but stop and just look at it. Well, during this short silence little Darren looks at his Dad and says (quite loudly) "Dad...pause...remember when I used to drink Budweiser?" Gasp....more silence...stares from everyone.....lots of laughter but only from our table. Big Darren responded, "Budweiser? what do you mean?" Little Darren: "You know Buuuudweiser!" So funny. But really he has never had Budweiser.

After we discuss beer for a while with our four year old he begins to eat his traditional meal that he gets at every restaurant, chicken and fries. A few bits into his meal he looks over at me and Darren to see what yummy food we are eating. First a look of curiosity and then a look of disgust, then he hit us with this, "Mom why did you chew your steak up and then spit it out?" Now I want to loose weight, but chewing and spiting out my food is not how I am loosing weight these days. I actually ordered the blue cheese fillet....mmmmm it was good. It did look a bit interesting with all the goodies on top(or a bit regurgitated from a four year olds perspective) but I for the record I did not chew and spit.


  1. Oh, how cute. Glad you had a happy birthday. I came over to visit from The Lettered Cottage when I saw your comment about having a new blog, 'cuz I do too.
    And I also have 4 kids. They are 14, 12, 9 and 6, so if you need advice/warnings about what life will be in a few years, I've got 'em!

  2. That is hilarious! Speaking of kids and beer...When Abby was 3 we were reading her ABC book. On each page is a letter and then pictures of words beginning with that letter. On the "B" page was a picture of a bottle (a dark one like an old Coke bottle). Abby was pointing to the pictures saying, "bear, bunny..." and then pauses at the bottle and asks, "Mommy,is that beer or wine?"

  3. I wish I were there for that one! That is sooo funny, I was laughing out loud. I love when kids say the unexpected!

  4. That is hilarious. Little Darren is so cute! I am so glad you had a fun birthday dinner. There is nothing like being with your family just enjoying life!