Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hanging by a thread

My sweet girl is officially growing up. Her two bottom teeth are loose and are just about ready to fall out.....or get pulled out by her Daddy. I tried to pull one of her teeth out for her, however, rather than her tooth getting pulled out, I got pulled back in time to when I was her age and loosing my first tooth. I remembered the anxiety I felt about loosing one of my teeth and suddenly felt such compassion for my little crying and concerned girl. Needless to say, I have not tried pulling on her tooth again. Here is a video of her expressing her concern about her tooth. After watching the video of Ella, I noticed that the thing in her hair is actually one of those toe separators for painting your toe nails. She used ribbon from her craft box and tied it to a head band. She thought the toe thing looked better as a crown.


  1. She's so sweet. Anna is VERY concerned about her loose tooth too. Her adult tooth is already growing in behind it, I told her the dentist might have to take it out if she doesn't let us do it. And I'm with you, why do they have to grow up so fast? It seems like just the other day Anna was getting baby teeth not loosing them.

  2. What a sweet, sad little girl!!! I wanted to reach through the computer just to give her a hug! :) Emily hasn't lost a single tooth yet, she will be 7 in May! She wants to loose one so bad, but they are not really even that loose yet (the dentist was able to just barely wiggle it the other day). I am a little sad though, because their look changes so much when adult teeth come in...