Saturday, January 31, 2009


All of our kids love to help. It used to be a free for all when I would get home from the store. Three kids, a ton of bags, and soon there would be groceries all over the kitchen floor. That was until I used my noggin and gave the older two their own area of responsibility. Ella is responsible for keeping the pantry organized at all times as well as putting away all the pantry items when we get home from the store. She refers to the pantry as "my pantry." And if you need something she knows just where it is. Little Darren is responsible for a few things. First he must use his strong muscles to carry the bags inside. Boys, no matter what the age, love to hear that they are strong and have big muscles. I convince Darren...well both Darren's (my husbands name is Darren also) to do a lot of things this way. Anywho, After little Darren carries the groceries in his responsiblity is to unload the cold stuff and put it away. It is also his job to teach Graham, his younger brother, but we are still working on that one. Here are just a few pictures of them doing their jobs. Sorry for the not so good photography:)

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