Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

My kids have been on a roll lately with saying the funniest things. A week or so ago I was in the car with the kids and Eden was crying. I sometimes let Ella get out of her seat to give Eden her paci. This particular day it was raining and I didn't feel safe having her get out of her seat. Here's how the conversation went:
Me: Ella I don't really want you getting out of your seat while it is raining out.
Ella: But Mama Eden is sad and crying.
Me: I know. But, she has to learn that someone isn't always going to be there to put her paci in her mouth when she wants it. She has to learn to comfort herself.
Ella: When I am a Mama I am not going to let my children cry at all.
Little Darren has been getting up in the middle night with strange request. Two nights in a row he woke us up with crying. He usually doesn't wake up crying so we were concerned. The first night it was because his pants were too tight around his waist. Seriously, my 4 year old son is waking me up at 1am because his pants are tight. I think he was dreaming because none of his pants have ever fit him the least bit snug. And since when did he know the word waist. He usually refers to it as his belly. The second night he woke us up crying because he was scared. He couldn't explain why or really say much of anything. After talking with him for a bit his Daddy told him to get back in bed. Little Darren responded over and over and over again in a crying voice, "I am just a kid Daddy, I am just a kid." Yes just a kid waking me up the third night in a row at 1 in the morning.
Graham doesn't say much but he sure is funny. Being the third child he tends to follow the two older ones around all day and do what they do. He doesn't talk much and hasn't really gotten into using his imagination much yet. Well, until the other day. He really likes helicopters and airplanes. He calls them DD's. Sunday I bought what it seems like these days my daily box of diapers. The older kids love playing with the box and using it for things but Graham has never been interested. This particular day I found him putting the box up on its side and climbing on the top to sit. I didn't think much of it. I look over a bit later and he had gotten an empty cardboard ribbon roll and was holding it in his hand like a steering wheel. He could tell I was curious as to what he was doing and replied, "DD, DD, DD" and acted like he was flying an airplane.
Kids are so fun.

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  1. I have totally enjoyed reading your website - what a great family you have and what great storytelling skills you have -