Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Times with the Letter "B"

We are a Bike riding family. We love to ride bikes in the evenings and on the weekends. Our oldest two can ride two wheelers, the baby rides in the trailer, and Graham....well he gets to ride with Daddy on the Boo Bike(aka blue bike).

On the weekends we've been heading up to the bike trail for flat wide open riding.
This past visit to the trail Eden was tired. I broke the law and let her sit on my lap(does anyone else do this?). She was exhausted and I wanted her to stay awake in the car so that she would nap in the trailer during our bike ride. Darren and I got to talking while Eden sucked on my water bottle much for braking the law.

This has nothing to with biking but it starts with a "B" and is my new favorite recipe.
Banana Bars(Frosted Banana Bars that is).
My sister I've never met(I wish I new this sweet lady in real life) made these Banana Bars a while back and I finally got around to making them......

They didn't last long. I served ours with Butter Pecan Ice Cream.


  1. YUmmmmmmmmm those bars look sooo good! WE love to ride bikes too. cherry

  2. I must admit that I have broken the law a couple times myself. Oh well, if Brittany Spears can do it so can we! Love your blog!!